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A little about.

Coming from a small town in South Germany, with a trade in carpentry and cabinet making, applied g’ol craftsmanship and love for detail bring the passion to work. Having learnt the trade in Germany also adds a solid portion of "Trade Knowhow", rarely taught these days but only further confused via selling ragged, irrational and conflicting licenses, merely good for boosting the licensing business.


Markt Bissingen im Donauries
Do you know Markt Bissingen the picturesque Donauries? You don’t?

Uhm, so they say. I’m proud of my heritage. Growing up in Bissingen, a few years back now, allowed me to learn a few things which you otherwise rarely come across nowadays. Yep, even our expert decorated teachers and trainers could’t train you anymore. Call me a young bloke from the old school, a tough competition to the faint-hearted theoretic, degree and licenses bestowed robots. Brains seem to have been switched off a long time ago, already and to emphasis on, most of you know what happens to a robot when you switch of the power.

help  Artificial intelligence. Yes, you’re right, it’s the most clean cut presentation of stupidity.

I started out learning the art of wood working (and a few other) already at the tender age of 9, at home, while working with my mother. If it wasn’t for my mom, ...! Then at 17 I turned it my first profession with the ambition of designing homes as a future architect. Long story short, here I am, presenting you with an opportunity to appreciate someone working with old school skills and passion on your project.

After moving (by invitation upon my special skills) to Australia, 30 years ago, I joint It’s Design in Sydney, because,... let’s say; ’my expertise was already scarce on the market’ back then. Having had a chance to learn from the best in South Germany, something must have rubbed off, I guess.

I also gained plentiful of international business experience, working from Africa to China and places in between. I translate that as a rare opportunity to extending extraordinary service, authentic quality, something a little extra, different, topped with passion for the making.

Like an old idol once told me; "You can wear the finest and most expensive clothes, buy all the papers and licenses you are made to need (the so called education is good business), in the end, naked under the shower, who’ld know. You see, that’s when you Will Know.

Interested in finding out more? Welcome to My world of professionalism!



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